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Joe Grossen

Holiday World

''We value ALL of our household products, however, Coach-Net's staff is always available to assist with any questions we may have. Plus, our customers find the 24/7 RV technical assistance hotline extremely valuable knowing a certified RV expert is just a phone call away to help.''
Brian Wilkins

Wilkins RV

''We really push Coach-Net's 24/7 technical assistance. I have seen firsthand how beneficial it is to have access to a technician when the dealership is going to be closed. Without their assistance, you'd have no chance to fix your issue.''
Scott Wixson


''Spartan's Service & Support sets us apart from the competition and it’s the reason Spartan chassis owners travel worry-free. Coach-Net provides an important part of that overall Spartan Experience by delivering quick & comprehensive roadside assistance to Spartan chassis owners on their journeys across North America.''
Bob McNamara

General RV

''Coach-Net continually strives to take care of your customers. If you need something, just ask and they will do whatever they can to make sure your customer has a great experience in the midst of unforeseen circumstances.''

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